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oh man figured out the forces are still in fighting trends and leave here both sides agree on one thing they urged western powers to keep out of the cult of the. spice protestantism all stood still believed to do so did you find it you saw defiance food rationing global trade center media on the agenda of. the london commuter town that's increasingly a crossing point for extremism its residents on the edge as a draw is gold radical islam and now.
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ten am in moscow you're watching r t with me arena josh the violence in libya has reached a grim milestone more than a thousand or so odd to have died in the fighting between rebels and government forces broken off the troops have reportedly retaking the strategic city of zawiya fifty kilometers west of the capital one opposition leaders are calling for the u.n. to recognize its control both sides are urging foreign countries to stay out of the conflict are just some of boy reports from the region. already clashes around the town of ruslan nope still continue and pretty much the only new development that we have seen so far was the ultimatum coming out of the opposition side that suggested that i get off we should leave the country within the next seventy two hours if he is the opposition promises to allow him to leave the country freely and not to pursue him for his crimes bred big it obvious pride has already mockingly
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this maze this all first day it was just another indication that the protesters are losing ground meantime artsy have every sluice of axes to get office or the minister moves. well i think here surprise this that big get off the government they got there was and has been prospering all along that is based uprising has been exported to leader from abroad oh no it's clear that it's a well prepared part of proof is that peace group has contacts with great powers and he supported by them first of all by breach which is attracted by the oil reserves and the u.k. has paid several visits and i'll go see sions and offered help just a suggestion is withdrawn change the us we compete for the right to own oil and gold resources and this rivalry is going on. the opposition of course denies these grains in fact they started
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a recent and verisign and vivi of british intelligence services has found our group here and you've been gazi a group that's more briefly arrested and sent back hold local leaders say that they do not want any foreign intervention in fact they say if indeed it happens this persuade directly into the hands of kids off the end they're very adamant that these surprising whatever it. will all not remains to be seen as in the shipment of the genuine after all the levy of people to get out the five continues to a lot of these their pricing is not only exported from the rest but actually that's it hair pulling. these guys being gored is still going on they're all good sounds of drag roswell new after a lot of things part of the uprising when the opposition was able to capture martial is can lead to the uprising have goals and is still i'm clear where exactly the opposition and government forces are in control both sides are claiming
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control all the various locations i'm in the city of god with the second largest cities be strongholds of the opposition some of the positions leaders told us today that they're now to regroup if you believe all of their resources and all of the have knowledge and the fact is again the tone of her. hometown of gadhafi and his tribal stronghold our richard roth in the middle of the road with his lawyer in gaza they're suggesting that these offenses may come closer to next weekend but right there or not of the opposition forces really be able to mount these contra fences he still remains to be seen that army is still a pretty large distance couldn't be house reference because there's very little retraining but at the same time the only thing that i would say is all. piers there are very graves have been trying to find new means of fighting and here's exactly
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what i need in our next story. they call it the vehicle of the free peek of trucks have long been popular in the desert but their four wheel drive power easily conquers the tree tristan's instantly dear may be one of the very few places on earth that thinks they have peak up trucks than people in the u.s. state of texas people here like this car for its mobility versatility and strong action and if this fascination with pick up trucks that allowed the uprising in eastern libya to pick up steam the police force father bought this truck a few years ago for his family business his son a twenty five year old economics student now sets out for the front line says you know it's a very good car especially when there's a decision on we'll be able to use it but now i can go and fight for my country. ever since the uprising began almost three weeks ago columns of rappel pickup
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trucks have been crisscrossing the desert around in ghazi rubble say the vehicles move guillotine allows them to dodge attacks from pro-government forces and has more than once saved their lives we. heard from assad growth that we were trying to bring cumbered. get everybody through or give me a ride these old pieces of soviet or more have been rusting on the main embankment of bin ghazi ever since the rebels to cover the city they now serve as a playground for kids and symbols of defeat for the despised regime. this man was among hundreds of young officers who were in the 1980's were sent to soviet military academies by good of his government now a staunch critic of the libyan leader he says times like the gadhafi regime have long i'll. leave database is that all this heavy armor is no digit that's why
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pickup trucks came in so handy with slight modifications that can easily be converted to trying to run rocket launchers and machine guns utilizing the utility vehicles for rabbit attacks is hardly a leap and invention pickup trucks have long been a feature of more than warfare you see tend to see patterns and certain vehicles are used by the us military in the us government's always in afghanistan before it's in afghanistan now it's even in afghanistan. it was you supplied pickup trucks that helped afghan insurgents fight soviet troops three decades ago now it's libyans behind the wheel and they're at a crossroads wondering which way to drive their country next at some point art see bin ghazi. and we'll bring you the full version of our exclusive interview with libyan foreign minister most in just over twenty minutes time here in our political writer tim gatto says the u.s. and some european countries could be using humanitarian issues as an excuse to
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invade libya for its natural resources. and that what they're doing next they're saying that that that cannot be is killing all these people you know all the rebels and civilians on the ground and they want to there's a humanitarian excuse to play libya but meanwhile there are. people dying left and right here i haven't heard anybody say they want to send military force to work because they are poor boy i think he has a base in britain and france are going to uses that as an excuse to recolonize libya and take their own lives i think that. would be a first step military operation against libya because it would provide excuses for them to have a american client that shot down and die or they shot on one of our shared so it would just give them an excuse to invade. a no fly zone that starts with
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a military operation and i believe that there's a circle. of that and if he's going for the. united states the others are going to look at us and say well this is the third middle eastern country this is the third arab country we have a base. also found on the program the broadcast first playing fast and loose with the truth i'm sure over the worry of emails calling for me to apologize for any member of the same police but they aren't i won't be peaceful public workers they all translates as a gathering of violent criminals and the guy has a big west news channel eager to spice up its agenda. u.s. vice president joe biden is in moscow two years after russian and american decided to reset their relations he was one of the key drivers of the change in direction and wants to upgrade what's already been achieved to never before seen level artie's a country under charges following his visit. this trip to russia is an attempt to
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see where relations stand need way through president obama's term and to try to fulfill the progress in resetting relations the timing for the visit is for effect it comes on the heels of the new strategic arms reduction treaty a new start so the treatment seen by many as an attempt to expand into new dimensions of result with a particular focus on a business piece this time there are still many touchy issues between the two the contentious issue of w two zero and zero for missile defense in europe that's to name just a few as far as new so defenses concerned up to years of opposition the us widely agreed to include russia in pope praising with nato over and she believes to be self plan for europe which the u.s. believes might be needed if people run comes up with nuclear weapons russia has complained that it hasn't been all for it and an adequate level of cooperation on that so for for many years that has been one of the main he returns in relations
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with moscow and washington now the u.s. office says that as early as by the end of this year the u.s. is ready to sign an agreement with russia on missile defense and europe as far as another touchy should tell the tale was concerned russia has sort w. tail membership for the past decade in a huff now there have been rounds and rounds of official talks about both with the european union and with washington and moscow once more from the u.s. now than just a rash trip it wants to start with the suit that the u.s. council's been famous jetson very commandment one of the romulans called the cold war times aimed against the down soviet union but those why it's peculation indeed in the russian media regarding why joe biden is in most states and one of the popular versions was that the treaty could be seen as a sign that barack obama openly supports president medvedev in the country's next presidential poll however the u.s.
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. office dismissed those claims and so it's not up to down to influence russia's domestic affairs and that they also stress that apart from meeting with the current political leaders joe biden will be also holding talks with civil society leaders and with the opposition leaders any of whom could be a potential candidate for russia's top job when a year from now to put those speculations aside ward so will most certainly be put on the table in talks with the prime minister pushing them presently video ease the current police gold prices in the middle east and north and arab north africa i leave here is the shortest you know is the u.s. together with france and the u.k. are considering imposing a no fly ban over the country russia is against the plan and it says. no international intervention is possible when it comes to libya's domestic affairs and the u.s. needs russia's voice as russia has a veto in the u.n.
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security council and without russia saying yes to that no fly back it could not be imposed it could not be forced. over sponsoring the child or following joe biden's visit here to moscow well we cannot discuss this further with victoria point from damascus a university of international relations with or thank you for being here with us in the program well two years ago as you know joe biden introduced the phrase to push the reset button now this time here he says he's here to push it to bigger and better levels how is this likely to happen well first of all certainly he is the one who started this whole free the whole phrase and the whole process as he was of the initiator and it is certain that it's not about my and biden was taken for this poses the person who's very expert and very notable in foreign policy so he is the one who decides on the floor of the signal hillock hillary clinton or not there well as for a recess there are still
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a lot. of areas in which there can be the relationship between the two countries can be taken for the right so far it's been mainly in arms control so that's why we have the start three treaty. ratified now and. signed and ratified but there are many more areas right so there are still. as far as the goes so this is something to discuss during this visit for sure. there is something on their economic side so this wide biden came with such big amount of business leaders for his country so that they will be able to talk to. their counterparts in russia right but also w.q. right so russia's access. to the w.r. says russia is the only major economy that still stings out of this big global body so i believe there are ways for him to. push forward
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those agendas. like any comic side and a.b.m. side. which could push forward the original first but of course it's only. a topic of the discussion because as we heard earlier. a lot will be devoted to their situation in the middle of source something where russia can have a big say first of all as a permanent. country having permits and security council but not only it's a big energy country do you think you're going to be able to persuade moscow to support the u.s. over libya and the un well i think that. if you look at france and developments there have been a number of steps where russia was supporting some of the u.s. . stands all together take their afghanistan where we were able to reach
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common. position and agreement on their military transit to the country say. iran where russia would agree to support the tougher sanctions i'm not sure i'm quite sure russia would be supporting whatever it will be worked out. by great britain or the united states and personally i think it's a day full of claims interest nels that it's even better if something can certainly be a will be. announced not by united states or push forward but i believe it's only been a position itself so but. russia will be supporting it according to its interests meaning i still believe it or any other middle eastern country has the way for its . own development it should be decided by the country itself and finally as you just said earlier there's a lot to be discussed there but can we expect
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a lot of progress to be majoring this visit well as we know about or will be coming later to russia meeting in presence of that if later this year right so i see two but because of body this visit is very important but it is not likely to sign a breakthrough agreement because this is the way for the presidents to play so obama has to show he is acting so even if there is any agreement triaged apart i am not taking any business agreement way. it can be only working agreement if there is anything like breakthrough we should wait for obama to come to light in his just preparing the ground for that ok we know from moscow so university of international relations thanks very much indeed for sharing your views here with us on r t. and in the wake of the swedish suicide bombing british police tracing the attackers history fear terrorist cells are more deeply rooted than they thought and brought the spotlight back onto one town which has drawn infamy for its links to extremism
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only did the stockholm terrorist live there but it was also the start point for the london tube bombers final journey a day its residents are increasingly on edge as artist or am i just covered. mosques hit jobs and how meet shops a scene straight from the bazaars of the orient but this is luton north of london home to some twenty five thousand muslims of british and origins one of them was time or. abdel better known now as the stockholm bomber abdul qadeer pash knew him and describes a volatile character rejected by the community at large when he was here he was challenged his ideology is thinking is we're challenged we challenged him and when we realized he wasn't we exposing to everybody every member of this of this muslims community he got up and walked out and we never saw him again the next day heard
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our childhood blown himself our kids wounded and that's just the latest claim to infamy for luton which is fast becoming known as a hotbed extremism breeds extremism and in steps the english defense league committed to protecting england from what they see as a wave of islam is a leader tommy robinson believes he's walking where others fear to tread we have called him mark. we've got grave concerns in our community and we need somebody to voice and in charge politicians are not being. prepared so the e.t.l. kulu to man home although others say their roots are in football hooliganism they recently held their biggest ever march through the town ahead of which robinson says the police told him his life was in danger you have been in four days they may be appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future it's out of use and has undeniable links to islamic extremism including most recently the stockade
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bomber we spent time here and that in turn leads directly to the rise of groups like the e.t.l. who believe the indian day is under threat meanwhile the people of luton see their town in the headlines because of extremists from. sides of the fence the towns and peace says the course majority if you live in harmony and a distressed by behaves image what we can do is increase in harmony and point peace for me and show you that the force maturity is this term and this country will face if you don't believe to go work so this organization did not want them here still capable of as family plays into telling him for the noble boy into a fanatic some point to unemployment and social deprivation is the reasons for the extremes found in luton the basque lays the blame squarely at the doors of the government before nine eleven we've never had these make these type of issues with
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this develops is my eleven it was foreign policy yes we spoke to this up oh yes iraq you know it you know illegal war killing women children so i was all for going to afghanistan you know carpet bombing indiscriminately meanwhile was thousands of miles away make their presence felt in looted where every so often shopkeepers boarded up the town center and prepare for the her a kind of extremism to pass three. tens of thousands of teachers and doctors have been protesting in the u.s. state of wisconsin for three weeks now they are against the governor's plan to remove their union rights which help them fight for better wages and job conditions their actions have been peaceful which has earned them police praise as archie's and is here to organise my is that's not how the news channels they are see it. these are some of the free service of the wisconsin protests mothers teachers and students but according to fox news the people protesting i'm sure i'll get
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a flurry of e-mails calling for me to apologize for any mean them bugs employees but they are i won't apologize for it that's what they are in reality there was no bullying going on that was certainly the case. when our team was on the ground in february as the protests were peaking even though the. demonstrations have been the one area not chaotic rioting it is actually not that easy going. there might be. and there might be workers that has remained the case for those who have closely followed events i know for a fact that there has been no violence whatsoever in wisconsin i mean you know i mean aside from people stepping on each other's toes accidentally there just hasn't been police even shoot a thank you statement to protesters for being peaceful but according to fox news channel the demonstrators have been an uncontrollable mob not
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a terribly civil or classy group of people profanity but garrity and pretty vile behavior and these are nothing but and all these are not existant violence was taken to an extreme but the spin of an alleged attack on a fox reporter ok let me show you what you know who seem to have seen it coming they hate that you get administrators you see it and they're the utter lack of civility civility and the harassment of reporters there from a video posted online it became clear that nothing close to harassment had taken place it was too late to stop the infamous fox been there pushing him there showing him apparently one even him pushing it even further the so called bullies came out to protest in a cold snowy winter a more violent protest video featured by bill o'reilly had palm trees in the background turning the channel into a cartoon show the brazen nature of this propaganda what is sad and tragic is that
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ninety percent of fox viewers will have no idea that that was faked and they will think that it was true another field trip close to reverse polling numbers to support the party line up the channel sixty one percent in favor and meaning teachers. had to take a sick day at school to be part of the fight for their own rights liars that is no excuse that is no excuse for lying to children but the ones doing the line are actually the faces an american stevie screams since the show must go on and he told me she hates me because it makes her feel good that's a situation out here marching hand in hand with the lies go on and on and on and especially archie new york. maybe as foreign minister talks or eighteen just a few minutes next though we've got the latest business news with corinne.
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welcome to our business bulletin thanks for joining me russia's economy is seeing a win for the steep rise in global energy prices that's on the back of instability in the middle east and north africa and other oil producing cartel opec is considering an increase in production to post a climbing wall of output i would say the situation could help russia where new customers in asia but this comes at an interesting time for russia because in the last couple of years in the last year in particular russia has made great strides in supplying oil to the far east particularly through eastern siberia pipeline and through the port of cosmonaut there and into china you know i think so far to
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russia's had a little bit of a p.r. battle on its hands because most asian consumers which after all is the growth markets tend to prefer supplies out of the middle east because they're known for being stable and reliable this these events of the last few weeks that really caused a lot of importers to pause for thought i agree that the japanese the koreans in the chinese and i think it's making them more favorably disposed to building up a relationship with russia where they might not have been before. but russia's all majors are also looking across the atlantic the country's largest private produce a loophole is scrounging for investments in u.s. shale fields also wants to use u.s. high tech drilling to acknowledging russia's oil which shell deposits is that difficult to drill the company's already experimenting in the western siberia which is thought to hold a lot resources of liquid like the car parts. of the markets most asian stock markets are in tokyo the nikkei is bruised the platform the yen's value against the dollar the owners gained over one percent after saying it's targeting a twelve billion dollars annual operating profit within two to three years airline
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stocks in the region are benefiting from the retreats hong kong stocks are also high boosted by the rosy earnings outlook from chinese leaders here in russia markets resume trading offered today break reality has little change at the start of the trading session climbing less than zero point one percent spread bank and look for advance. and prices are drifting lower although fundamental support remains as turmoil in the middle east shows no signs of abating brant is trading at one hundred twelve dollars per barrel together with w t i which has dropped to one hundred four dollars per barrel. although no higher oil prices are likely to dominate investors' mood on wednesday brian business from uni credit security says a strong google is also good news for consumers. continues to strengthen obviously that's going to prove very supportive for a lot of the russian consumer teams definitely getting more optimistic about making
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need x five going forward will benefit indirectly from the strengthening will still like spring break right now but of course i would expect for some of the steel producers to come under pressure being that they have to pay the majority of your fees locally here in rubles and they don't have to for any of the important prices will be would be dollar denominated. the cost of insuring russian debt against default. helping the world's largest energy exporter. and so forth slipped to one hundred twenty. nations. we paid growing after the conflict in. the region a quarter of the russian budget comes from oil and gas prices help trim. by around seventeen billion dollars. that's all i have for you this hour but you can always
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find more stories as well on top. wealthy british scientists. sometimes. markets finance scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. .


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